Scholarship Program

We are now in the 2020 application period, which will close on February 29, 2020. All entries must be postmarked or emailed by February 29th. The program is open to any graduating senior from any school in Beaver County. That student must be attending a college, university or trade school in the county. We are including Robert Morris University because of their academic partnership with Community College of Beaver County.

In year’s past, we left the decision of who receives scholarships to the districts. Since we re-structured the program a couple of years ago, we will be utilizing an independent third-party panel of retired educators, who will review all entries. This change means each student is judged separately and may result in more than one winner in a particular school. Students are expected to adhere to the criteria to be eligible for the scholarship and may compete for all scholarships.

Application materials have been provided to each school district and can be downloaded here:

Scholarship Requirements  –  Scholarship Application

Inquiries can also be directed to either Scholarship Chairperson, Keith Colamarino at or Sharon Speerhas at



PUSH Beaver County’s early years have always included scholarship. With a deep-held belief in the basic fundamental that education of our young people will lead us into the future, we made a commitment to providing scholarships to students attending higher institutions of learning in Beaver County. Our inaugural year was 2007. Since then, PUSH has provided over $50,000 in scholarships to graduating seniors within Beaver County. When the program started, one student from each district was eligible to win a scholarship. Students applying wrote an essay under 500 words. The latest iteration of the scholarship program allows multiple students from each district to apply, with all students competing for one of the four $1,000 scholarships available. The essay subject matter and length have changed, but the goal is consistent – providing financial assistance to those furthering their educations within the county.

2007: 8 Scholarships awarded
2008: 6 Scholarships awarded
2009: 5 Scholarships awarded
2010: 9 Scholarships awarded
2011: 10 Scholarships awarded
2012: 9 Scholarships awarded
2013: 7 Scholarships awarded
2014: 10 Scholarships awarded
2015: 6 Scholarships awarded
2016: 9 Scholarships awarded
2017: 10 Scholarships awarded
2018: 4 Scholarships awarded *
2019: 4 Scholarships awarded

*new criteria adopted