About Us

Our cause. Our actions. Our impact.

Mission Statement
PUSH Beaver County is a non-profit corporation that organizes and manages philanthropic and community events to enrich Beaver Countian’s lives.

Tax Exemption
PUSH Beaver County is exempt from Federal income tax under section 501(c)(6) of the Internal Revenue Code.

PUSH BC Corporation is exempt from the Federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

The organization is focused on a better Beaver County through charitable work, offering free community events, community service, and other volunteer opportunities. PUSH is interested in a county that is moving towards positive social change and bringing Beaver County together.

Philanthropic Endeavors
PUSH Beaver County is an engine for charitable reinvestment into Beaver County’s future. Our pledge is to invest our resources into programs that deliver value to our fellow residents exclusively. To support higher learning, PUSH Beaver County has established an academic scholarship program. A senior from each private, public and cyber school district within Beaver County is eligible to receive this academic scholarship. Also, PUSH Beaver County donates to miscellaneous local charities and causes that benefit residents of Beaver County directly.

Community Events
To celebrate the start of summer and Independence Day, PUSH Beaver County founded and created Beaver County BOOM, a fireworks festival to attract people to visit our river communities. Also, a significant portion of the revenue received will be earmarked for local charities tied to this free event.

To promote health, PUSH Beaver County founded and created the Beaver County Health + Wellness Fair, a community-wide, free-to-attend event known as Path to Wellness.

Proud Partners
PUSH Beaver County is proud to partner with many local charitable and non-profit organizations such as:

Beaver County BookFest
Blackhawk Business Association
For a complete listing click here

A by-product of PUSH Beaver County’s philanthropic, community, and wellness events is networking and socialization, which encourages Beaver County residents to remain active in our community.