Path to Wellness




CCBC Golden Dome
1 Campus Drive
Monaca, PA 15061

Check back then for details on how your business can get involved.

Let’s talk about PUSH BC for a minute…People United in Shaping + Helping Beaver County. I’ve been thinking about this lately.  People. Helping. Shaping. UNITED. Beaver County. As a resident who moved away and came back, I can honestly say the PEOPLE are what make Beaver County. PUSH BC’s aim is to make Beaver County a better place, in whatever way we can. I am fortunate enough to sit on the Board, surrounded by like-minded people who give their time and energy selflessly to achieve this goal. And I couldn’t be prouder.

This leads me to our next Path to Wellness event coming up _____________.  This will be our third event, and although the our program has changed–our purpose has not. We want this event to showcase the PEOPLE and organizations of Beaver County who are doing what PUSH hopes to do–make this a better place to live–each in our own small way. Add all those small ways up, and we are a pretty formidable force!

Again this year we are encompassing overall wellness–of the body, mind & soul. We believe it takes all three of these components to make up a healthy person or lifestyle, let alone a healthy community. At the event, we will be hosting a blood drive. We will have healthy cooking demonstrations, physical fitness challenges, a kids zone, speakers and tons of great vendors. And we will post more information as we confirm participants and get closer to the event.

Sharon Speerhas
Path to Wellness, Chair